Social Solidarity While Practicing Social Distancing

The Corona Solidarity Campaign follows a strict set of guidelines to ensure support can be provided to affected households while strictly adhering to social distanding requirements to minimise physical contact, distribution crowds and risk of transmission.

Our Process:


We map out the poorest neighbourhoods & katchi abadis where daily wagers reside.


Volunteers are provided PPE and trained in social distancing guidelines.


Both campaigner volunteers and local volunteers make lists of people in need of support, including their names, CNICs, family IDs, and phone numbers.


Campaign volunteers identify nearest Utility Store to proceed and prepare ration packs.


Campaign volunteers and local volunteers then hand over signed and stamped receipts for each ration pack to deserving households.


One member from beneficiary household then collects the ration packs with their CNICs, cross-checked by campaign volunteers through the original lists.