Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Corona Solidarity Campaign set up?

The Corona Solidarity Campaign was set up in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, in assistance of families that are most vulnerable to its impact. The campaign aims at leveraging community resources to provide aid in the form of food and hygiene kits to families living in katchi abadis in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moving forward, these households will bear the brunt of the crisis, as many live under the poverty line or are currently unable to make ends meet through daily wages. We also intend on providing PPE kits to front-line health care workers who are currently in dire need of protective gear.

The Corona Solidarity Campaign is founded on the principles of mutual aid, not charity. The campaign is citizen-led and organised around helping fellow citizens in need, filling in the gaps left by the state structure. The aim of this campaign is to extend solidarity by linking those with resources to the people who have built our cities but find themselves without adequate social safety nets. This initiative is centred on strengthening community ties, building social consciousness and practicing empathy.

What do we do?

The campaign has established volunteer networks all over Islamabad and Rawalpindi to ensure distribution of ration to families in need. Local utility stores are used as procurement and distribution points to keep physical interaction minimal. Our ration packs include essential food items and hygiene kits to see families through this hard time. We’ve also included an awareness pamphlet highlighting personal practices to help protect oneself from contracting the coronavirus. These ration packs are then distributed amongst families most vulnerable to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our distribution mechanism is unique because it relies on the widespread network of utility stores to ensure ration delivery without infringing on the rules of social distancing. First, our volunteers coordinate with local utility stores to assemble ration packs. Then ration chits are issued for every ration box that corresponds with the NIC of a household member of the beneficiary family. Following this protocol, our volunteers individually hand out chits to households and one member from each family goes to their closest utility store to pick up their ration that is already been paid for. The utility store makes a note of the NIC number against which the ration chit was issued and reports back to us. This ensures that we are not endangering the lives of the community by crowding while trying to help!

Who are we?

The Corona Solidarity Campaign is a collective of self-directing and autonomous volunteers from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Our ranks consist of students, workers, social organizers, musicians, artists, lawyers and professionals from various sectors. Our biggest common denominator is the political decision we have taken to offer support and show solidarity to those most vulnerable in this crisis.

Awami Workers Party, Aurat Azadi March, Socially Responsible Officers and Meenay Laas constitute most of the volunteers who undertake the crucial tasks of procurement, distribution, transport, fundraising, advocacy, and data management. We work outside the formal frameworks of government, NGOs or charities, and operate through a horizontal organizational structure. There are no leaders, only a collective body comprising members making consensus-based decisions. Our volunteers are divided into working groups, each tackling a specific aspect of this campaign.

How are we funded?

Our campaign relies solely on individual contributions.

How can I donate to the campaign?

We rely on donations to purchase the necessary rations & hygiene products and providing frontline health workers with required PPE (personal protective equipment). If you would like to stand in solidarity with us and these families, please see our donations page and make a contribution.

How can I become a volunteer?

All of the work that goes into the campaign is carried out entirely by volunteers. The campaign consists of the following teams: 1) data, 2) fundraising, 3) distribution, 4) social media.

If you or your organisation would like to join the Corona Solidarity Campaign as volunteers, please send us an email at and do mention which team you would be most interested in working in.