Corona Solidarity Campaign

The Corona Solidarity Campaign is an Islamabad & Rawalpindi based citizen-led initiative which aims to support those most vulnerable to the impacts of the Covid-19 emergency. With a firm belief in extending community-based solidarity instead of charity, our efforts are directed towards households in katchi abadis, daily wagers, and frontline health workers.


people served


neighbourhoods reached


PPE kits distributed

4.55 million

rupees worth distributed

Emergency Food Rations

The Corona Solidarity Campaign was formed in response to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown imposed on cities in Pakistan. A number of progressive groups and individuals in Islamabad and Rawalpindi formed the CSC in order to provide emergency food supplies to the communities worst affected by the lockdown, especially katchi abadis. Households are provided with a ration pack consisting of essential food supplies for a month, hygiene products and cash.

Prioritising safety

We have a unique distribution mechanism that minimises physical interaction. First, our volunteers coordinate with local utility stores to assemble ration packs. Beneficiary families are issued ration chits which they can use at the utility store to claim their ration pack. We’ve also included an awareness pamphlet with each ration pack highlighting personal practices to help protect oneself against the coronavirus.

PPE Kits for Health Workers

We also arrange personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline health workers who need them, such as doctors, nurses, janitorial staff and relief volunteers. The protective gear is distributed in collaboration with relevant government departments such as the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), and includes masks, face shields and hazmat suits.

Community Solidarity

The Corona Solidarity Campaign is founded on the principles of mutual aid, rather than charity. The campaign is citizen-led and organised around helping fellow citizens in need, filling in the gaps left by the state structure. The aim of this campaign is to extend solidarity by linking those with resources to the people who have built our cities but find themselves without adequate social safety nets.


See the map below for the locations of our current distribution points across Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Click on any pin to see the areas served by that distribution point and a contact number of our coordinator there.



We are an entirely volunteer-run initiative and are always in need of more people to help. If you would like to join as a volunteer, please fill out this form.

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